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PartyLite Opportunities!
If you’re interested in the great fragranced candles and beautiful accessories by PartyLite, there are 3 very attractive options available to you.

1. Be a Guest at a Party and treat yourself to something special. Go shopping without stress, and enjoy our special service.

2. Become a Hostess and benefit from the many advantages this offers, such as free products, discounted products, monthly specials and a  “booking thank you“.

3. Become a PartyLite Consultant  - that means flexibility, independence, success.
As a PartyLite Consultant you are the one who determines how much you would like to earn. You’re your own boss and organise your time as you like, so you have enough time for your family personal commitments

PartyLite has an exciting New Beginning to offer! Consultants can now call themselves fragrance advisors, as we help people to create the Signature Fragrance for their life and their home.

You can be part of this New Beginning, too. Reap the fantastic rewards of being a PartyLite host/ess:-

  • a percentage of the party sales to be picked in free product of choice
  • 50% off any full priced item in the catalogue
  • and one of each of the Host Offers, typically discounted by about 60%!!!

Or be part of it as a new Consultant. I am looking for learners! And earn while you learn. We now have 3 kits you can choose from to get started, depending on your circumstances and what you want from the business.   All offer amazing perks and rewards when you do well without imposing targets, plus free ongoing training and no deliveries to do.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the earning opportunity with PartyLite; or to book a party; or simply just to place an order. You can also find my page, Fiona's Candle Empire, on Facebook if you would like to ask me any questions.

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